Meet The Partners

Clover Partners is a fresh take on the interactive studio. We demand a lot from ourselves, like the best ideas, strategic solutions, and creative applications for our clients and their digital identities. We’re not bound by the traditional agency grind, which means we have as much fun in here as we do out living our lives.


Strategic Director & Co-Founder

With over 20 years of experience in digital branding and marketing, Jeremy has been building websites for pretty much as long as that has been a thing. After running a highly successful one-man studio for over 15 years, he co-founded Clover Partners, pairing his expertise with a talented team of complementary disciplines. With a portfolio including small non-profits, professional organizations, municipalities, and large national brands, Jeremy has helped a wide range of clients flourish both on the web and beyond. His mellow personality combined with a sharp, quick wit make him adept at navigating complex challenges while providing unique insight and solutions.READ MOREREAD LESS

Scott Scrivner

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Scott leans into a wide variety of passions by overlapping design, spirituality, and a quest for education. His enjoyment of change and learning finds its way into every design project, turning a lifelong love of art into a skill sharpened for well over a decade. His talents aren’t limited to a medium as his professional work has defined brands both on the web and in print. With a bachelor’s, master’s, and a doctorate, Scott’s ceaseless desire to learn more, a penchant for the aesthetic of digital design, and his enthusiastic nature makes him an exceptional partner for bringing ideas of any size to life.READ MOREREAD LESS

Clint Williams

Operations Director & Co-Founder

For more than a decade Clint has worked in a variety of roles, honing his experience as a versatile design professional. Coupling his skills in print and digital design, as well as organizational leadership through a degree at Southern Nazarene University, he has supported the growth of many clients. Through all of this, he has found a niche for himself as a project manager, effectively driving the direction, productivity, and morale for both clients and internal teams. He’s got an easy-going manner yet keen focus that makes him an ideal fit to lead projects of all sizes. Attention to the bigger picture and an eye for detail make him a respected strategic partner for any brand.READ MOREREAD LESS