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When TOC BOX literally walked through our front door, they weren’t just searching for a new website. We answered their call for a partner who could lead their brand to its full potential. It was a labor of love to transform their logo mark into a dynamic identity, craft a modern web asset, and help their growing business come into its own.


  • Dynamic brand identity
  • Responsive web experience
  • Clearly defined voice
  • Well-designed collateral
TOC BOX logo

The Brand

TOC BOX handed us a logo, and we returned a brand. The logo design was not responsive, and there were many necessary contexts in which it could not be used. We ran with the existing mark and defined a look, feel, and voice across its assets that characterized the rugged, bold dependability of the product.


Custom illustrations of the TOC BOX suite of products were designed to complement photography across web and print. The simple lines contrast the complexity of their technology, while giving a nod to the blueprint and engineering nature of the industry.

The Site

We developed a completely modernized asset that is reflective of their company and supportive of their growth. Featuring a refined brand identity, custom photography, and a responsive capability that accommodates their customers in the field, stands up to whatever is thrown at it.

This is exactly what we were hoping to achieve. Nicely done! If I were there I’d buy you all a drink.

— Mark Davis, TOC BOX

Ambient Video

We created this ambient video to live at the top of the TOC BOX homepage and make a more engaging welcome to the site. This was shot in rural Oklahoma to show the rough environment in which the product usually lives.

multi-device screenshot


TOC BOX’s customers work in some of the most rugged, remote, and dirty jobs around, which means they need a site that stands up to the demands of these mobile users. The site is fully accessible from mobile devices and the responsive experience adapts to any screen the user may have.

headline type specimen

Teko Regular is the Google font used for the H1 headline because of its very condensed but legible profile. The design included brief paragraphs which required a tall heading that aided in introducing each section.

subheading type specimen

We chose the serif Arvo Bold for the Subheading to provide a contrasting type style and to offer a visual shift from the taller H1.

body text type specimen

We returned to Arvo's regular weight as to not clutter the design with too many type styles. Still we retained a clear difference between the header, the subheading, and the body copy.


With the definition of the new TOC BOX brand, applying it to their many collateral needs proved a great exercise in exploring its versatility. A tradeshow booth, PowerPoint deck, and sales brochure were just a few of the ways this brand came to life beyond the website.