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Tasked with creating a new brand identity for Spokies OKC, we were able to draw out its spirited persona and reposition this modern commuting solution for downtown residents and visitors. Always ready to get out and play, Oklahoma City’s only bike share program now has a fresh, timeless identity that matches its cheerful disposition.


  • Re-imagined brand identity
  • Research-supported design
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Real-time data integration
Spokies logo

The Brand

The new Spokies logo shares a sense of playful, forward motion. The abstract bicycle spokes and wheel show momentum and make you want to get out and ride. In pairing the tangerine and teal palette, we let the brand’s enthusiasm for an active lifestyle and energy to be outdoors shine. This next generation of Spokies is one more sign of how well Oklahoma City is thriving.

The Process of Spokies

Spokies’ new identity lives between the two worlds of bicycle trends — fixie bike culture and city transportation. It serves the purpose of meeting hip and cool at function and mobility. — Scott Scrivner, Clover Partners’ creative director.

Spokies logo variations showing process


From our focus group research with Oklahoma City residents, we learned that the Spokies mark needed to be strongly and immediately recognizable as a mode of transportation. We worked with the playfulness of the bicycle wheel, the brand name, and familiar transportation iconography to arrive at a logo that was undeniably made for a bike share system.

We are so thrilled with our makeover! Clover Partners, you have been true champions for Spokies, Embark, and Oklahoma City. THANK YOU!

— Michael Scroggins, Spokies


Due to the responsive nature of the Spokies website, a series of icons was created to express the brand in varied applications. Each iteration demonstrates how agile Spokies can be.

Main Version

This vertical configuration also works as the main version of the logo. It incorporates all of the details of the brand, including colors, logo and the mark.

Horizontal Version

Our responsive technique ensures a logo is never compromised in any context, thus the horizontal version. This is best applied in situations where vertical space is limited.


We created unique Spokies pins for use on the station maps. When scaling down for smaller applications we chose a simplified version of the mark.


The Spokies mark stands on its own quite well. When the mark is reduced to its smallest, the design is simplified for uses like a favicon

headline type specimen

Rajdhani is a Google font we used for the H1 headline because of its bold and concise appearance. It easily stands apart from the body copy, allowing for the eye to catch the headlines as you scroll down the page.

subheading type specimen

We returned to the Rajdhani Bold for the subheading. We changed the color and the size so that it naturally lends itself to a secondary heading while maintaining a consistent look.

body text type specimen

Raleway Light is the Google font used for the body copy. It is a favorite sans serif of ours because it has a clean and legible way about it. Raleway is more rounded than the squared sans serif of our headlines, easing the design task of choosing two sans serifs that do not compete with each other.

The Site

SpokiesOKC.com was built with a mobile-first strategy, creating a more functional experience that meets its riders where they are. The site features a real-time data integration with mapping and bike availability, thus improving the overall Spokies experience.

multi-device screenshot


With a clientele almost exclusively on-the-go, SpokiesOKC.com had to be responsive above anything else. The site is fully accessible from mobile devices and the experience is designed to accommodate the context in which the site is used. This makes it effortless to find a bike in downtown OKC.