Roostercat Coffee Company

Branding - Packaging - Print - Collateral

Ahead of opening a second location and expansion into roasting operations, Denver’s Roostercat Coffee Company was in need of a total brand redesign. There were concerns over the limited marketability of their first logo, while the new look needed to capture the spirit and authenticity of the existing brand. The mark we created for them met a number of design considerations that illustrates how the company has matured and is taking their coffee more seriously than ever before. We were able to craft a brand that can hold its own in the local coffee industry.


  • Re-imagined brand identity
  • Custom hand-drawn elements
  • Responsive design capabilities
  • Striking package design
roostercat logo

The Brand

We brought the juxtaposition of the rooster and cat characters to life with a distinctive mark that has all of the panache and moxie the shop is known for. The subtlety of the mountain scape in the neck of the animals plays to the Colorado connection the brand is proud to have.

The Process

Almost two dozen concepts didn’t make the cut, but each iteration made the final Roostercat brand that much stronger. We went pen-to-paper at the outset of this project, sketching out ideas that took on the most literal and abstract translations of the rooster, cat, and coffee.

We chose Clover Partners because we needed someone we trusted to really understand us and our long-term goals, who could deliver an all-encompassing package.

— Colin Floom, owner


Roostercat’s branding has a big job to do. It bears the standard calls to duty of signage, stickers, business cards, and social media, but will also meet responsive web needs and appear on packaging, mugs, and T-shirts.


With so many useage contexts for the Roostercat brand, a series of marks was created to accomodate the varied applications.

The Logomark

The rooster and cat make up the primary logomark. This shows the most detail of the brand characters.

Primary Mark

This pairs the hand-drawn mark with the bespoke logotype, incorporating all elements of the brand.


We created unique badges so the brand is represented accurately across all usages, including stickers, labels, and social media profile images.