Fly Brothers

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The Fly Brothers present young adults in Oklahoma City with an educational alternative to college, trade school, or the military after high school. Their new helicopter pilot training school offers a thrilling career with above-market starting salaries upon completion. Bringing this brand to life called for deep exploration of shared connections between the founders’ passion, that of its future students, movement, flight, and adventure.


  • 2017 Gold ADDY Winner
  • Built on Craft CMS
  • Brand identity package
  • Responsive design capabilities
Fly Brothers logo

The Brand

From the outset we wanted to illustrate movement through shape and color, and were intrigued by the role thick lines could play in the mark. We chose vivid oranges to represent the energy and enthusiasm of the startup and its founders, while also appealing to their young-adult demographic.

Fly Brothers logo variations showing process

Designing Movement

The droplet shape offers a top-down view of a helicopter moving swiftly through the sky, and a side view as it pierces the air in front of it.

Working at Altitude

This tagline addresses the duality of The Fly Brothers’ core business focus: serving both its students and commercial customers.

Working at altitude is ambitious, bold, and aspirational. There has been a significant shift in how and where Americans work, especially for millennials. This opens new possibilities to work well beyond that cube, box, or other traditional shop. The tagline conjures an experience that can be attained, and one that you want to see for yourself. It evokes a sense of accomplishment and hard work that pushes beyond the limits.


For every brand that we create, consideration is paid to the responsive needs of the mark so that there is consistency in any application.

Reversed Icon

This basic one-color representation is a necessary variant, and we love this simplified version of the Fly Brothers mark against the brand orange.


Brands with a web presence need to be adaptable to environments that require small and even tiny representations. We pushed the Fly Brothers mark to the limits for the tiniest applications without compromising the essence of the logo.

Y'all did an amazing job! More than what we imagined and better than what we asked. Above and beyond all expectations! Thank you!

- Mason Armstrong

The Site

Bold graphics, concise content, and bright colors tell the Fly Brothers story on this responsive, user-friendly site. Minimal navigation reduces wandering and optimizes the mobile experience. Animation on the button hovers is reminiscent of the helicopter blades and adds unexpected whimsy.

multi-device screenshot


The site primarily serves the young adult, post-high school audience; 92% of whom own a smartphone and have higher smartphone dependence than any other group amongst American adults. Touch-friendly links and buttons make navigation on devices a snap. Visually interesting content make the information easily consumed on mobile.

Fly Brothers logo


A custom icon set illustrates the differences between a traditional bachelor’s degree and a pilot’s license. This visualization makes it easy for potential students to inform their career decision at a glance. These icons align with and further support the the brand while imparting really interesting data.

2017 Gold ADDY Winner

Recipient of the 2017 Gold ADDY
for outstanding Online/Interactive work.