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For its 20th anniversary, ACES: The Society for Editing came to us with a vision to update and renew its brand and online presence. It was the first change of its kind for the professional organization and required an exhaustive review of their ethos, membership, industry evolution, and direction forward. In challenging themselves to reimagine who and what they are, we were given an open canvas to truly explore the next phase of ACES.


  • New brand identity package
  • Responsive design capability
  • Built on Craft CMS
  • Custom job & editor listings
ACES logo

The Brand

Exploratory research for the new logo led us to the classic proofreading marks utilized by editors to streamline their feedback. We ultimately landed on one of the most common proofreading marks to indicate a missing capitalization on the A. It’s playful enough to capture the spirit of the organization, gives a clear throwback to its heritage, while bold enough to carry ACES into its next chapter.

ACES branding
ACES branding
ACES branding
ACES branding
ACES branding
ACES branding
ACES branding
ACES branding

Clover's design work was key in our decision to hire the company, and the team did not disappoint with a logo and theme that captured what we are about and wanted to be. They've been great to work with from a business standpoint; even their contract was fun. We are happy with our whole experience with Clover.

— Neil Holdway, Secretary, ACES Executive Committee

The Site

We relied heavily on user research, user behavior, and analytic data to drive the architecture of the site. We were able to give ACES a modern site with easier navigation, reduced clicks, and more direct access to the information and resources their members rely on most. A custom, interactive job bank and freelance directory elevates the service they can provide members.

Job Bank

ACES replaced its third-party job bank solution with a custom utility built directly into the site. This adds value to their member offerings and retains traffic already on the site. The listing search makes it easy to find industry-relevant jobs that have essentially been curated by some of the best in the business.

Freelance Directory

The freelance directory is a dynamic improvement upon the previous PDF document. ACES members can now input their profile details through a simple form that’s searchable by name, specialty, service, location, and other details a potential client may be interested in.

multi-device screenshot


Embracing the changing persona of the ACES membership meant recognizing that these aren’t just desk-bound newspaper copy editors anymore. It’s a much more mobile demographic in a lot of ways, which requires a responsive website experience. Now the site meets every member where they are with an optimized experience, no matter which device or desktop they may be using.

ACES icons


We designed a custom icon set to facilitate the heavy job of UX and usability. These create large touch targets and help to guide navigation while adding creative visual elements to a copy-dominant site.

ACES Content Strategy


Sites like ACES are exactly what content strategy and information architecture exist for. Through user research and an intense review of user behavior through analytics we were able to restructure the site in a way that simplified the usability of the site. ACES has a deep site covering a breadth of topics, from general member business to scholarship funds, the annual conference, and a wealth of resources. The new navigational structure surfaces a lot of content its members didn’t even know exists, reduces clicks to make content more accessible, and improves the readability.

ACES Research


Where we arrive in a project on assumptions is an entirely different place than where we arrive after research (and we prefer the latter). In the case of ACES, something as simple as a brief member survey revealed user behavior and needs that we couldn't have guessed. This became the driving force behind designing the information architecture. Based on survey results and a deep dive through their analytics history, we were able to create a navigation structure that made the most sense for their members.